I’m a science writer and a physicist. I care deeply not only about the physics, but about how it’s understood by those outside of the field.

I have a B.S. degree in physics from the University of Illinois, with minors in French and math. I also studied abroad in France for five weeks.

I attend graduate school at the University of Washington in the beautiful city of Seattle. On the way to my PhD, I obtained an M.S. degree in physics as well.

Gas Works Park, Seattle

My research involves simulating molecules that wiggle in very weird ways; this makes it difficult to see them using our usual methods. The molecule I focus on is CH5+.

When I’m not writing–or leading student organizations or planning conferences or sitting on various committees–I like to ride horses and go backpacking with my husband, a fellow physicist. We are also both avid Trekkies (see below).

In the captain’s chair at the Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle! (Notice the Voyager comm badges)