Features, Profiles

Quantum Biosensing: Medicine at the Smallest Scales
Chicago Quantum Exchange, October 2021

Einstein’s garden: translating physics into Blackfoot
Symmetry, June 2021

How English became the language of physics
Symmetry, March 2021

Seeking nontoxic coatings to keep ship hulls clean
Chemical & Engineering News, December 2020

US Takes an Important Step Toward Quantum Internet
Inside Science, November 2020

Physics In a Second Language
Symmetry, August 2020

What Dark Matter is (Probably) Not
Symmetry, July 2020

Reina Reyes Looks Like Science
Symmetry, February 2020

Particle Physics for Preschoolers
Symmetry, December 2019

Building Up the African Physics Community
Symmetry, November 2019

Profiles: Pat Brown (Impossible Foods) and Uma Valeti (Memphis Meats)
WIRED Magazine, November 2019

Mass Shootings May Be Contagious. Can We Contain Them?
WIRED, August 2019

With Open Data, Scientists Share Their Work
Symmetry, August 2019

The Thrill-Seeking Physicist
Symmetry, July 2019

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