Short News, Explainers

3-D Printed Material Purifies Biogas at Low Cost
Chemical & Engineering News, August 2020

New Analysis Method Predicts Disruptive Solar Flares
Inside Science, July 2020

Inuit Hunters Help Researchers Listen to Narwhals Up Close
Inside Science, May 2020

New Gait, Developed on Poppy Seed Soil, Could Help NASA Rovers Explore Moon and Mars
Inside Science, May 2020

A “Quiet” Measurement of a Quantum Drum
Physics, October 2019

Quantum-Fluid Droplets Hold Bevy of Charge
Physics, October 2019

What Makes a Good Cooler, According to Physics?
WIRED, July 2019

Synopsis: Interrupting Flow in a 2D Topological Insulator
Physics, January 2019

Why is Ice Slippery?
Live Science, May 2018

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