Grad School Slumps

I’m reaching a point in my graduate career where I’ve realized I don’t know what I’m doing. Now, some of you may have squinted your eyes in suspicion at that statement, especially my fellow graduate students. Really? Just now you’ve had this realization? You’re a graduate student! Of course you don’t know what you’re doing! ButContinue reading “Grad School Slumps”

What does my knit sweater have in common with an avalanche?

Avalanches don’t just happen on mountains! Scientists use the concept of an “avalanche” to describe other phenomena that evolve in similar ways, such as forest fires, a stock market crash, or solar flares. In a recent paper released on arXiv, French physicists made the argument that knit fabrics also behave in this “avalanche” fashion. ThisContinue reading “What does my knit sweater have in common with an avalanche?”